Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

Mothers Day 13 6

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  1. hello my name is DIEGO URDIALES. Im from LOGROÑO in SPAIN. I´AM SMALL I´VE GOT DARCK small eyes , I like rap and folk music ,my favourite color is red and my favourite sport is football ,my favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. My favourite food is pizza and macarroni.I´AM ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

  2. Hello my name is David Pérez. Im from Spain. Im small, very fast, very clever and a brillantly basquetball pleyer. My brihtday is on second of December. I am ten years old. My favourite food is pizza and chocolate.

  3. Hello my name is Miguel I from Ecuador my city Santas Bainas.I am tall.I've got curly dark hair.I love football.My birthday is on 9th March. My favourite foodis chocolate.I love Barcelona football team.

  4. Hello, my name is Elena . I am ten years old. I from Spain. My birhday is on 23 December. My school is Bretón de los Herreros.
    My favourite sport is basketball. My favourite food is spagueti.My favourite color is blue. bye,bye.

  5. hello my name is sergio muñoz . im from in spain i live in logroño .i have got short broun hair and i play the floute very well . my birthday is on 23 of augost .
    bye sergio

  6. Hello I´m Leyre Ortín Calleja,i´m from Spain. I am11 years old,
    my birthday is on 9 th January.
    I have brown hair, brown eyes and i´m very tall. I play basketball and go swiming every week. I love animals, and travel to other
    countries.My favourite football team is Atletico of Madrid and
    Osasuna and my favourite singer is Bruno Mars.
    Bye bye i like Poland.

  7. Hello I´m Daniel I´m from Spain in La Rioja I am eleven years old.My brithday is on 4th March.I have got green eyes.I like animals and art

  8. Hello my name is Ernestina Vilas Juarroz , i´m from Argentina,but now lives in Spain.the name of my mother is Natalia Gomez Juarroz and the name of my father is Ignacio Vilas Smith. my brithday is the 27 of october, I a 12 years olds,
    I´ve got a long hai r brown. my favorite animals is hoers, a dog and a tiger , too.
    my favorite color is a viollet and black, my favorite music is , a rap music , a pop music and a rock music .
    good bye, a kiss.

  9. My nama is Sara Navajas , Im from Logroño (Spain ) .My fauvorite color is purple . I am ten years old , I like playing the violin , my birhtay is on 30th December , I like animalls , I got a cat in Granada, I got brown eyes ,

  10. Hello,I´m Julia. I´m from La Rioja (Spain). I´m eleven years old. My birthday is on 29 th July. I have got blond and curly hair and brown eyes. I like the animals, basketball, music, nintendo and art. My town is Logroño, the capital of La Rioja. My favourite food is sushi and ice-cream.I have got two dogs, two cats and one fish. Bye bye:Julia.

  11. Hello my name is Germán I am from Logroño, La Rioja, Spain.
    I love the animals and I play sports:
    Ski, surf, paddle, football, basketball, swimming...
    I am very tall I have got grey eyes, my birthday is on March.
    I like the ice-creams, the pizza and the sweets.
    My favorite football player is Messi, and my favorite singer is Henry Mendez.

  12. 6b
    Hello my name is felix valencia. i like football and i love animals i like opera and rap . i like englis class and my teacher is ruben crespo and very good teacher

  13. 6 B
    Hello , i´m María Martínez .I am very tall ,i´ve got brown eyes and brown hair .I play basketball and paddle .I like animals and swimming .In summer my favourite food is ice-cream .
    Bye , bye .

  14. 6B
    Hello.My name is Ana Rodriguez. I`m from Logroño, Spain.
    I`ve got brown eyes and short black hair. I like animals and play with the 3D. You got a 3D? What is your friend code?
    I like rididing bike, too.
    Bye, bye

  15. 6B
    Hello my name is Carmen Laspeñas .
    I ve got a brown eyes and brown hair .
    I play basketball I go to painting lessons and English lessons.
    My favourite food is paella .
    I like ice cream and animals and I love painting .
    Good bye .
    By Carmen .

  16. 6 B
    Hello my name is Nicole Yepez Perez .I from in Ecuador,but i live in Logroño(La Rioja)Spain.I like football.I like rap music and pop music.My favourite food is chicken and chips.I´m eleven years old.
    Bye ,bye

  17. 6th. My name is Sergio Martín. I'm feom Logroño, Spain. Iike footboll, basketball, swiming , run and I play the guitar very well. I'm always sings and play the flute

  18. 6B Hello,I am Samuel. I am from Logroño in Spain. I´ve got brown eyes and brown hair. I like padle and video games. My favourite food is macarroni with tomato. I love pizza, too.

  19. 6 B
    Hello my name is Mónica Ridruejo.I´m from Logroño in Spain.I got brown eyes and long hair .
    I like horses. I love singing and dance, my favourite food is pizza, and chocolate.
    I go to ride a horse in Equs.

  20. Hello my name is Sergio Hernández.I´m happy because my birthday is the 14 november ( next week).
    I have a twin brother, his name is Ivan, he is more tall than me, but I´m more fat.
    I want learn much English this year.
    Now I go to visit my grandmather.
    Good Bye.

  21. Hello,I'm Claudia Lumbreras.I'm eleven years old.
    I live in Spain.I have got a long brawn hair and
    I'm medium size.My favourite color is green,my favourite
    sport is ritmic gimnastic,and my favourite animal is a puma.I like heavy metal music and pizza,too.
    good bye.

  22. Hello, my name is Ivan Hernandez (6th A)
    I was born in Logroño, Spain. I live in the Piquete street, in Logroño. I' ve got a brother. I like sports: Football handball... My favourite food is the spaquetti with mushrooms and the kebab. I' m playing football with my team called Chirivitas, for me is the best team.My favourite player is Messi and Iniesta. I like Barça.
    My birthday is on 14th of November. I´ ve got eleven years old.

  23. 6 B
    Hello, my name is Raúl Ruiz Lleyda. I`m from Logroño,La Rioja, Spain. I´m small, I´ve got Brown eyes, and I´ve got very Brown eyes. I like animals and my favourite food is chiken and chips.
    I play tennis and I play the saxophone very well.
    Bye, bye...

  24. 6A
    Hello, my name is Paula Durán Santolaya.I´am 11 years old and I live in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain.I´m blonde,with blue eyes.I like rytmic gimnastic and animals, plants...greeting and a kisses.
    Bye bye.

  25. Hello, my name is Adolfo Calvo. I´m 11 years old.
    I´m from Pamplona, I love rock music, my favourite singer is Freddy Mercuri, my favourite food is chicken and chips and chocolate. I´ve got black hair and brown eyes.
    Bye, bye

  26. 6ºA

    Hello, my name is Laura Cutillas Garcia. I from Madrid, but I live in Logroño. My hair is dark blonde, my eyes are brown...
    I am 1,46 cm. My favorite sobject is science. I am eleven years old, my birthday on five Agoust, my favorite actress and singer is Martina stossel. I like singing and talking

    Bye Bye!

  27. 6A
    Hello my name is Lucía Aranguren. I´m from Spain. I live in Logroño ( LA RIOJA) . I like animals. My favourite song is Scream y shout. My favourite musician is Melendy.
    BYE , BYE ...
    By Lucía

  28. My name is Diego Antón.Im from Spain.I8like animals and rap music .have three tortoises and a squirrel.My favourite food is hamburger .Ialways do the homegork .Inever play the football.My mum name,s m Jose, my dad Goyo ,my brother name,s Javier My favourite colours are yellow and green.I,m tuelve years old My favourite subjets are english .art and scientis,t.BYE , BYE dIEGO aNTÓN

    1. Hello my name is Davis. I´m 10 years old.I live in logroño.I study in Bretón de los Herreros school, in Villamediana street. My favourite pet is turtle.My favourite colour is blue.My village´s name es Cuzcurrita de río tirón. My favourite polish city is Warsaw. My favourite food is russian salad. I play football in my team. See you soon friens. DAVID HERNÁEZ 6ºB

  29. 6A
    Hello my name is Joel Barcina Galiana. I´m from spain. I like play football, tennis, padel, tagle tennis and I´m 11 years old. The name or my mum is Anabel and my dad Pedro. I like PE and my favorite food is rice and milk.
    bye bye

  30. 6 A
    Hello my name is Irene Garrido Alonso.
    I like ritmic gimnastic and I play this in the school.
    I have long Brown hair.
    I like pets. My favourite food is macorroni and pizza or spagueti.
    In my free time I like listen to music of differents singers.
    For example: Melendi, is my favourite Singer.
    Im from Spain ,Logroño (La Rioja) I love Spain and Poland.
    BYE, BYE

  31. Hello my name is Ane Andres Fernandez.
    I'm eleven years old.I in 6B.
    I like macarroni,pizza and rice.I like folk music and I love animals.
    My favourite food is chocolate.
    i've got brown eyes, brown hair and I've got 2 brothers and 1 sister.
    Bye, Bye

  32. Hello my name is Nuria.
    I'm 11 years old .
    I'm from Spain , in La Rioja.
    My favourite color is purpple.
    I've got brown eyes and brown hair.
    My mum has got very curly hair and my
    dady has got brown eyes and brown
    hair, like me.
    See you soon !!!

  33. Hello my name is Alondra chapi becerra l lives in logroño.I subjetam 11 years old my favorite subjects in the school are english and science.I love animasl bye bye

  34. 6B
    I´m from Spain. I like pizza. I always run and sometimes play football. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite players are Messi and Neymar. I sometimes play tennis and never play basketball.
    Sergio Gentico
    Bye, bye

  35. 6º A
    Hello, my name is Eva Beltrán. I'm 11 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes, too. I like pictures, nature, languages, flowers and go to other countries. It's amazing!!!! I love music and I can play the piano, the recorder, the guitar and the Spanish special flute, dulzaina. I can sing and dance, too. See you soon....


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