Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

Polish cartoons. Listen polish. Do you like it?

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  1. Ana Rodríguez
    I´m Ana again
    Near to my house there a lots of shops:
    a sweet shop, a supermarket, a chinese shop...
    I like buying in the sweet shop. It´s so delicious!
    There a lots of candies. I like it!
    I have a pet. Its name is Mickey. Its a dog.
    It has a lots browns and blacks spots.
    Its colour is white. Its so cute. Its a English setter.

  2. IKER PEREZ 6th B
    In this shop I usually buy fruit,vegetables,cleaning products,meat,fish,bread,and water.
    The shop is big.
    Many boys and girls serve the people and keep the money in the safe box.
    I buy in this shop because it is near to my house and because the food there is very good.
    The name of this shop is Mercadona.

    I want to have a dog.I want to have a very nice and strong do so that Ican defend myselfif someone attacks me.

  3. Sergio Martín 6th B.
    Hello Kacper. I'm Sergio Martín. In this letter I will tell you which is the animal that I would wish to have. This is the dog of my cousin Jessica. I want a dog with black hair, brown eyes and not very long hair. I have hot a pet in my house, but I'm lucky because I can see it, because is the dog of my cousin.
    By:Sergio Martín

  4. PAULA 6TH
    Hello i´m paula.I want to write about shops in my local área and a anial or a pet that i had.
    One of the urban zones shops and services is La espiga de oro , is a cafe and i buy there cream buns, rolls,and candy caramel tiles.An an other shop is Pic- nic, i buy there candies, desserts, soda, tomato, and bread.
    The animal that i had was a dog.Her name was guichi.It was black and white and very excited .It likedgoing to the mountains with my dad an my grandad and running in the garden.

  5. Samuel Ruiz 6th B II

    Hello, I'm Samuel again:
    In this letter I'm going to tell you about the shops and my pet.

    In my local area there are shops of clothes, of candy, one shop of animals, a shop of furniture...
    The last thing that I bought is a shirt because on 13th February it was my birthday and my parents give me it.

    I have a pet: a turtle. She is a girl. Her name is Thor. She'sbig, green and she has got long and sharp-pointed

  6. Monica Ridruejo 6th
    In this letter I going to speak about shops in my local area and the animals I wishto have at my home.
    In my area there are shops where I buy food.There are no shops of clothes.
    There are all small food shops.In my local are there also bars.
    I don´t buy in my local are.The food I buy in a supermarket (Mercadona).But on Friday I go to the sweet shops with my friends to buy somes sweets.
    I want to have a dog in my house an a horse.
    The dog because they are as toys.And a horse because it is my favourite animal and I ride a hose.
    TO: Baile
    By, Monica

  7. Carmen Laspeñas 6 th
    In my local area there is a grocery where I buy fruit and vegetables , because they are very heatlthy foods .
    Normally I buy bread at a bakery because I can not eat a single meal without a piece of bread .
    There is a Zara clothes shop where I buy most of my clothes , specially T-shirts and trousers because I don´t like dresses .
    In my village I have a dog named Rocky It has brown hair and eyes too . It´s big and very playful , it loves to run behind the ball . I would like to have it in my town but I live in a flat and my parents don´t let me .
    BEST WISHES !!!!
    To Pola !

  8. María Martínez 6th B II
    Hello again,
    I live in a part of Lardero, a small village, but I´m from Logroño. In my area there´s only some cafés and a small shop of candy and bread.
    That´s why I buy all in Logroño. There are different shops of clothesand other things. I like all types of clothes, but no a lot dresses and skirts.
    I like "Zara", is a shop of clothes and it´s no so expensive. There are really simple and beautifull clothes.
    i like "Adidas" too for sport clothes because I think it is cool and confortable.
    I don´t have a pet, but I want to have a cat.
    I like grey and white cats. I think they are so cute!
    To : Daria

  9. Armando tejreo 6B II
    Today in my letter I will tell you as it is my home. I live in a four-storey building, my flast is on the dining room, the kitchen and along corridor with four rooms, a toilet and a batheoom.
    the larger room is the bedroom of my parents, teh other three are equal.
    in my bedroom there is a desk, shelves with books and toys, awardrobe, a poster, a Tv, playstation and bed . My cumputer is in the living room, my parents did not want us to have cumputers in our bedrooms, so they are all in the living room, also Ihave xbox there.
    My sister's bedroom is same as mine, she has a desk, two wardrobes, a bed, shelves and things she likes. My sister name is Barbara and she is 13 years old.
    the other room is shared by my sister and me, to see tv the programmes we like and watch movies. There is a sofa, bed, when someome comes to spend a few days.
    i've finished the tour of my house. i hope you are well. see you soon goodbye.

  10. Hello again I'm Raúl.How are you? I am going to tell you some things more of my city, Logroño. In Logroño there are many shops,but only i like go to the shops of sports I like to see the shop windowsnd to try clothes, especially if they are suits of tennis. I like to look the rackets but I haveto save a lot of money to buy other one. Inthe downtown there is an ancient market that is called mercado de abastos, there are shops of supply, especially butcher's and greengrocer's shops. In an other part of Logroño there is a pedestrian zone where there are many shops of clothes that is called the walk of hundred shops. In christmas they are decorated by with lights. There are two malls in the suburbs of Logroño.
    Now I tell you some things about my pet. His name is Quila and it has three years. It is still small. It has not grown too much and now it is sleepy.
    Lukasz Wisniewski
    Raúl Ruiz


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