Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

Polish Vocabulary House

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  1. hello!
    I'm Verónica.
    I usually buy in Mercadona.
    Mercadona is a fairly large supermarket, whit has many thigs.
    Every supermarket my favourite.

    I wold like to have a cat.
    As the cat of my friends.
    I's small, grey and It's got brouwn eyes.
    It got like to call Sugus.

  2. Jhoanan Charrie. 6B
    Mercadona,Simply,Eroski are shops where you can buy a lot food.
    Fruits,vegetables,soft drink,meat,sweets ect.
    I buy chips,popcorn,and soft drinks,to see a morie with my family or whit my friends.
    I have three animals of which i will describe my cat Salomon.Salomon is very play ful cat has orange hair.She loves the balls of wool and likes to sleep on the beds.
    To Igor.

  3. Hello,I'm David:
    T go shopping food usually to some supermarket. One is Mercadona. It's a typical supermarket here in Logroño. Other is simply market. It's small but his products are cheap like "Carrefour".
    I go to alcampo hipermarket.It's too big. Logroño it's a small city so, there aren't something interisting.In Mercadona, I buy bread,vegetables,fish, cheese and other delicious and healthy snack. Simply is good in meat, eggs or fruits. They two are cheap. the fish is expenssive and the meet too. the vegetables or fruits are delicious becouse are from La Rioja. Alcampo is a enormous supermarket. It's situated in Parque rioja. Here, you can buy food, computers, mobil phones, sport things, clothes, candies, books,drinks, etc. I go to Carrefour or Berceo, other supermarkets. Are bigger than Mercadona or simply, but no than Alcampo. OK. Now, I will talk about my pet. It's called Rosa.v It's a turtle. It runs a lotin his cristal box. It likesto hide under the soffa. Its very mischievous. It's my petsince 4 years asproximately. I want to have a bird. his name will be " Maicon".

  4. Guillermo Fernández Baroja 6th B
    Hello,I am Gillermo.
    I go shopping in Mercadona,Alcampo,Carrefour and in my local area.In my local area Igo shopping in the Spar,Panymas,Unide etc.I buy there:bread,eggs,fish,candies,chiken,cookies etc.I buy this but I´m hungry and have eat.I have a dog,a fish in my village and a turtle in my house.My dog is black,has got brown eyes and has got big ears.The name of my dog is Chiwaca.I gota red fish. has got black eyes,my fish eat yellow small balls.The name of my fish are Nemo.My fish got a goldfish bowl.Igot a turtle.The name is Leo.My turtle eat small prawns and small fruits.
    To: Wictor

  5. I usually buy my food in Gama.
    There I buy:
    Meat, fruit, vegetables...

    I go to this shop because it's near my house and I like the brand.
    My favourite foodis pizza and cookies.
    Besides the shopkepper is very nice and she always gives me some sweets.

    My pet's name is Huck a little hamster.
    It has brown hair and black eyes.
    It's very playful.
    It's most favourite game is to get into the wheel and spirit.

  6. Asier Iglesias González 6º B

    Today i going yo talk abaut my supermarket and my pet.
    My supermarket is Berceo. Berceo is a big supermarket and it has everything.
    My pet is a dog, her name is Linda and she a female.
    Linda is a beautiful dog and she is obedient and friendly.

    Bye Bye


  7. Juan Argómaniz Larrea 6ºB

    Hi Gabrysia;
    How are you ? I'm fine. Today I'll talk you about my city and about my pets.
    Near my house there're a big supermarket, a bakery, a grrengrocer, a chemist and a newsagent.. Here, we buy every day bread in the bakery, and the newspaper in the newsagent. We used to buy in this shops because they are close to my house.

    About my pet:
    In my house I haven't got a pet, but in my village which it's Badaran, I have got two dogs. Their names are Chispas and Sol. They are small, they have got brow hair and they are vey fast, because they are hunted dogs. My uncle Toño takes care of them.

    Bye bye

    To: Gabrysia


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