Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014


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  1. Dear PATRYCJA:
    My favourite comercial center is berceo. In berceo there are a toy shop´s, restaurant´s and shop´s.There is a minipark and i play´s.
    It is great!
    I want to have a dog.
    My favourite type of dog is beagle.It is a black, white and brown.
    I want to have a beagle!

  2. To: Bartek Mazur
    I haven't got a pet, but I want to have a dog.These animals are very fun! I like the type of dog, bulldog.I had a bird, Lucas.It died.I had a lot of fish, too.I like tha animals.
    I buy in Mercadona, because it delicious. I buy biscuits, fruits, meat, fish, milk, eggs...I don't like buy. It's very boring.
    (Iván Hernández)

    My pet of Badajoz : called "Chico"
    He is a yorsay terrier toy. He is very nice I have much fondness and estimate him very much , he is like a brother to me.
    I am charmend whit the dogs of fact here in my neighborhood. I know many.
    I say good-bye to you.

    I go is necesari to speak of supermarket.
    I go ti Mercadona, there i buyof quite little food some yoguts, oli, meat... also milk.
    Also i go there because they attend very well to the costumer.
    Outside looks like small but in the garage there is an enormus elevator.
    The loogo is writtren whith green letters , where it puts Mercadona .

  4. Hello again.I'm Joel

    I usually go shopping at Mercadona. Mysister is celiac and there. They sell things more without gluten. We go shopping once a month. We also go there because the mother of a friendworks there.

    I don't have any pets but I would like to have a dog. A smalldog because Idon't like bigs gogs. Dogs play whit me, or you can use to pass time whit then.

    to:Ola :)

  5. Hello, I'm Paula,
    I usually buy at zara or bershka. I buy shirts or jeans. Ilike this clothes. I like the clothes from that store because it's my style.
    I haven't got a pet. Buy I want to have a dog or a oder animal. I like the dog's, cat's, horse's... I love the dog of my cousing, Chispa
    I love animals. The dog's are fantastic! ;·)
    To Wictor.

  6. POLISH LETTER To Aleksandra
    -My place where I go shopping is Mercadona. It is a supermarket.
    I buy meat, milk, ice-cream, fish, oil-olive, cream, bleach, soap, fruit...
    It is very big and the food is very good.

    -My pet is a turtle. Her name is Tomasa.
    Tomasa is big and sweet-toothed.
    She is 5 years old.
    Tomasa eats for lunch meat, fish, prawns...
    She lives in a fish tank.
    I love Tomasa
    By Mario

  7. I love going shopping. Iusually go shopping with my matherat the weekend . I like going to Zara becouse buy trousers, t shirt, jacketand shoes. Ioften go to Zara in San Antón strret and to zara in centre.Mi pet is a esquirrel. Its name is Alvin and it is from corea Its two yearsold.It is a brawn and some black paits in its back.Its eats nuts and fruit Its sleeps in a wood nest Its like doing excersise in its wheel .TO Alex Bell

  8. Dear Kacper:
    I,m Eva Beltran. You know Iive in Logroño. Here there a lot of shops and shopping centers. I like shopping in Boboli, a shop with colorful clothes but now this shop is closed and I like shopping in Zara, too.
    Do you know Zara? It,s great shop of modern and cheap clothes and the owner is Spanish.
    I luve in a flat and I haven,t got any pets. But I wish to have a bird becauseI love birds but my mother says that birds don,t have to live in a jail. I love green and red parrots. Y love animals but it,s not possible they live in a flat.
    Best wishes from Spain.
    Your friend:

  9. Hello
    My dog is called Tati.It Is a female.He´s boyfriend is called Jony.Tati is the best Pet of the world because when i cry(when i was young)she barks.

    My favourite shop is Pic-Nic.
    I buy there cards,bread,sweets,etc.There I go when I go to the park or when i come home from school.I find everything there.A defect is that to have to queue

    To Ola

  10. Hello!
    I´m going to write where we go shopping and about my pet.

    People go shopping in the shops to buy food, clothes...
    I go to ZARA and H&Mto buy clothes, to DECATHLON to buy sports articles and to MERCADONA and ALCAMPO to buy food

    I haven´t got a pet but i wish to have a dog, especially a Beagle.I will named lighthing. One Beagle is small, alluays small, brown and white and very fun.

    best wishes:

    To: Franek

  11. ¡HELLO! I'm go to talk of places where shoping in my local area

    I live a bit for from of centre of Logroño why not many shops in my local area , there are really only one " la tiendita de las gaunas" that store is small but my family and me bought everything we need and if we do not go to a little more to centre of Logroño and go to supermarkets:"Mercadona" or "carrefour".

    In the " La tiendita de las gaunas" my family and me buy:Bread, roolls, milk, smoothies, pates, meats, cheease...

    In the meradona or carrefour my family and me buy:Meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, detergents, shampoos...

    I buy all thease things because they need.
    Now I'll stop talking about shops in my local area to go to talk to my pet

    MY PET:my pet is nala.I have it for one year and half ago.Me the gift of a friend of my uncle because her dog had a litter of pupils and I nala gift

    BYE, BYE



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