Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

Poland in photos (nature, mountains, ski, holiday, vacation, hotels, War...

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  1. Hello Wiktor!!!
    In my letter i am going to talk about my favorite place where shopping:
    my favorite place is " la espiga de oro".
    la espiga de oro is a bakery.My father buy sone croassant, donuton sunday , in the morning, for breakfast.mmm... is delicious.the animal i have in my home is a scottish terrier is a dog.this called BERNARDA. i like would to have a black horse
    i like horse .

  2. .Hello:
    Places where Shooping: I shooping in Eroski , berceo , Flor De Lis and la Carra
    The type of the shops in the:food and clothes.I buy food in eroski, flor de lis and la carra.
    In my local area is Flor De Lis.Heee U buyeveryday.

    I had a fish named Rainbou but it died
    Iloved him
    Igaveit away on my birthday, my uncles
    David and Maria.


  3. Hello, I'm Claudia.
    The type of shops in my local area are supermarkets.
    There are three: día, eroski and simply.
    I buy there drinks and food.
    I buy water because it is important hydrate and also solf drinks, because wue lovemy family and me.
    And food: meat, pasta, fish etc, because we need to eat.
    The animal I would like to have in my house is a dog.
    A brown dog with black eyes. I will love it.

  4. My dear polish friend.
    I´d like to have a German Shepherd.
    It is a great on dog and very llloyal to its owner.
    It a big.
    It has abig body.
    He has shapears with different.
    They there are German Sheperds with different colors black ...

  5. In my area ther ais a supermarket. The name's of supermarket is Eroski. In this supermarket I buy vegetavles, fruit, meat, fish, egg, bread, pizza and more products. When I whas younger I like take the products if not I was engry. I like Eroski supermarket.
    My pet is a turtle (is sow sow big) his name is "Geta Junior". He is very fast and escary. he eats small prawns.

  6. Thursday 27th February 2014.

    Hello again Bartek. I usually go shopping. When I need food I go to the Eroski Supermarket. Is very big and you can buy many things. When I need clothes I go on Saturdays to the shops Zara and Pull and Bear. In my area I have a butcher, the Eroski Supermarket, a bakery and other shops of food. I go to the Eroski market because has many products. It is very close to my house.

    Now I tell you te characteristics of one of mi animals: my cat Lucas.
    Lucas is a white and black cat with green eyes. It is very playful and affectionate. It is a glutton too.

    I hope you write me soon: Julia

    Mi cat is called Flufy , is tree months , is of brown color, with darker spots , with big blak eyes . its sow playful, he eat a lot and sometimes he wantsto get to sleep cares you to sleep hes very affectionate and loyal.

  8. Hello,
    My bedroo is not big or small.It is mediun size . I have got a blag bed , a table .I throw the windows . I can see the street . y house is big . I have theree bedroms , and a large living roo.The Tv is in the living room.
    I have a fish called Conchita.
    Miguel 6º A

  9. Hi!
    In this letter I talk you about my pets. When I was young I have two dogsandSix cats my dogs runs very fast and my cats were very small.
    The six cats. One cat was the mother, and the other, her kittens.
    In my free time I for a walk with my dogs, are very funny. And in my home I run With my cats.

  10. Hello again Kalina,
    Today I talk about places where I go sophing and I taljk about my dogs and my pets.
    -First I say you the places where Isophing.
    In my area, there are no many shops because it is a new zone of Logroño its name is Cascajos. In the past it was a industrial zone, but now it is a beautiful area with lot of parks . I like go sophing to a baker and swet candys call 2Picnic" but all of the people name it "La divina" alll of fridayvI buy there candys andother sweet things. The food Ibuy in Mercadona and Lidl and sometimes in "He Sole; the school materials I buy in the libraty of the area called "Color Plus".
    -I wantto have animals inmy hous but, my parents don´t want.
    But in my village Leranotz Ihave lots of animals, but my favourite is Chispa, he´s a dog, her father is Raspaand her mother is Araña. Chispa is 7 months old and issimilar the TNT because is realy nervous, is a hunter dog. He´s looks like nice because he always put one ear up and the other down, he´s brown and smallbut he´s go walk with us. I love it.
    I hope tohear from yousoon.


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