Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


Shop assistant: May I help you?
Naomi: Yes, I'd like a pair of boots, please. Leather boots.
Shop assistant: Right. What size are you?
Naomi: Size 5, I think. I want a high heel. But have you got anything in brown?
Shop assistant: Just a minute, please. Would you take a seat?... Here you are. Do you like these?
Naomi: Yes, they are very nice. But the heel is a bit too high. Have you got anything lower?
Shop assistant: I'm afraid not. This is the only size we have in brown at the moment.

Shop assistant: May I help you?
Naomi: Yes, please. I am looking for a bracelet.
Shop assistant: What kind of bracelet are you looking for?
Naomi: Something nice, not very heavy and made of white gold.
Shop assistant: I'm afraid we haven't got much in white gold at the moment. The new white gold collection is coming in next week.
Naomi: So you'll have the new collection in next week.
Shop assistant: That's right, madam.
Naomi: I'll come back then. Thank you very much.

Shop assistant: May I help you?
Naomi: Well, I'm just looking, but would you have these blouses in my size?
Shop assistant: What size are you, madam?
Naomi: 42, I think but I'm not sure.
Shop assistant: We have all sizes from 38 to 50. These are size 42.
Naomi: Can I try this white one on, please?
Shop assistant: Certainly madam. The fitting room is over there... hmm.., it suits you.
Naomi: But I'm afraid it doesn't fit me. It is too small. Have you got a bigger size?
Shop assistant: Yes, this one's 44.
Naomi: Aha, this one fits better. How much is it?
Shop assistant: It is €75.
Naomi: All right, I'll take it...Here you are.
Shop assistant: Thank you...and here's your change.
Naomi: Thanks. Goodbye.
Shop assistant: Goodbye, madam.

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