Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


Dear Sir,

We are writing to complain about our vacation in Italy. We stayed at the five-star Hotel Leonardo in June. The travel agent informed us it would be a good time of year, but it was not sunny, it rained every day and the streets were flooded. As a consequence, we couldn't stroll and enjoy the scenery of the famous streets of Italy.

Your brochure said that rooms overlook the city but our room overlooked a narrow street with a view of a dirty stone wall. It also said the hotel had beautiful antique Venetian furniture. Our room only had an uncomfortable bed and two old chairs. When we complained to the reception manager, he offered us a suite, at an extra fee!

In a five-star hotel we expected to find a cable TV, but there wasn't one in our room. When we inquired at the front desk we were informed that the hotel is not cable ready. And to add to our displeasure, the room service was very poor.

In conclusion, our holiday to Italy was a complete disaster. Therefore we would like to ask for our money back due to all the troubles and inconveniences we went through.

We await your reply and our compensation.

Sincerely yours

Eric and Kate Ford

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