Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011


Julia: Is this where we check-in for the flight to Barcelona?
Check-in clerk: Yes, Madam. Could I have your tickets and passports, please? And could you put your luggage on the scale?
Julia: Can I take this little bag as hand luggage?
Check-in clerk: Yes, that would be fine. Aisle seat or window seat?
Julia: Window seat, please.
Check-in clerk: Here are your boarding passes. Please remember to present your pass at the gate.
Julia: Can we board the plane now?
Check-in clerk: I'm sorry but you have to wait for the announcement of your boarding time and before that you have to proceed to Passport Control please.
Julia: Thank you.
Check-in clerk: Manila Airways flight MA 315 to Paris and Barcelona. This flight is now boarding at Gate 9.

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