Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

BOOKING A ROOM Conversation

Receptionist: Hello. Westin Hotel. Can I help you?
Tom: Oh, yes please. Have you got any rooms for this weekend?
Receptionist: Is that for one night or two?
Tom: Two nights - Friday and Saturday.
Receptionist: That's Friday the seventh and Saturday the eighth. Yes, do you want a single or double room?
Tom: A double room, please.
Receptionist: With or without bath?
Tom: With a bath, please.
Receptionist: So that's a double room with bath for Friday the seventh and Saturday the eighth of December.
Tom: Yes, that's correct.
Receptionist: Could I have your name please?
Tom: It's Hanks. Tom Hanks.
Receptionist: Could you spell it please?
Tom: H-A-N-K-S.
Receptionist: Is that H for HOLLAND or K for KITTEN?
Tom: H for Holland.
Receptionist: I see .. Mr. Hanks. And can I have your address?
Tom: Yes, 19A, Drayton Road, that's D-R-A-Y-T-O-N Road, London SW2.
Receptionist: And your telephone number?
Tom: O-one- five-four-six-O-seven-double nine.
Receptionist: Thank you, Mr. Hanks. We'll see you on Friday noon time, then.
Tom: Yes. Thank you very much. Goodbye.
Receptionist: Goodbye sir.

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