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Sing and watch the video

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Relative clauses II

These phrases define or identify which person or thing we are talking about:.
That's the woman who cleans my house every week.
That's the house which was destroyed in the fire.
When the subject is a person we use who or that:
That's the doctor who / that came to my house.
When the subject is a thing we use which or that:
The book which / that is on the shelf is mine.
When who, that or which is the object you can leave it out:
The woman (who / that) I saw at the bus stop was crying.
The money (which / that) he found was in a wallet.
Whom is possible instead of who when it is the object of the verb:
The boy (whom / who / that) I lent the money was a friend of mine.
Whose shows that something belongs to somebody:
The children whose father died yesterday were very sad.
The position of prepositions in relative clauses:
Is that the house you lived in? (Is that the house in which you lived?)

These phrases add extra information. In these relative clauses that is not possible, we must always use who for people and which for animals or things.
That film, which was shot in China, won two prizes last year.
Those people, who are wearing red scarves, live next door.

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