Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

The private life of a star

Michael Davidson, once the butler at Hollywood star Kate Anderson's luxury home, talked to Starlight's Johanna Aniston.
Michael started by saying that you shouldn't believe everything you see in the movies. And Michael should know after having spent five years looking after glamorous star Kate Anderson and her family. People say she's the perfect mother, says Michael, but they don't know that half the time she's drunk. Michael pointed out that he had been in a confidential position where he had access to all the family secrets and said that he had only stayed so long because he had felt sorry for the younger children.
According to Michael, Kate's mother, 1920s singing star Susana Cruise, spent all the time arguing with James Stone, who was Kate's husband number six. In fact, Michael revealed that James had moved out of the house a month before their separation was made public because he had known that Kate was going to divorce him because she wanted to marry someone else. The someone else, Michael said, is Wall Street stock broker Jack N. Harrison, and Michael confirmed that he had moved in almost as soon as James Stone had moved out. Michael added that the older children had treated him as a slave and that Kate's son Russell, 19, had often invited all his friends for all-night parties by the swimming pool, expecting Michael to run after them with bottles of wine. And, according to Michael, Hanna, the eldest daughter was thrown out of the house by her mother for merely keeping a dog in her bedroom, as Kate Anderson hates animals.

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