Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

The passive voice grammar.

We use a passive verb to say what happens to the subject:
When we use the passive, who or what causes the action is often unknown or unimportant :
A lot of houses were built last year.
If we want to say who does or what causes the action we use by:.
That picture was painted by Picasso.
 Present Simple paints / paint is / are painted
 Present Simple with Modal Verb can paint can be painted
 Present Continuous is / are painting is /are being painted
 Past Simple painted was / were painted
 Past Simple with Modal Verb could paint could be pained
 Past Continuous was / were painting was / were being painted
 Present Perfect has / have painted has / have been painted
 Present Perfect with a Modal Verb could have painted could have been painted
 Past Perfect had painted had been painted
 Future Simple will paint will be painted
 Future Perfect will have painted will have been painted
 Conditional Simple would paint would be painted
 Conditional Perfect would have painted would have been painted
 Present Infinitive to paint to be painted
 Perfect Infinitive to have painted to have been painted
 Present Participle painting being painted
 Perfect Participle having painted having been painted

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