Sing and watch the video

Sing and watch the video

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

The Passive voice. General information

This statue, which has stood in the middle of London since 1536, was originally designed and built in miniature in Amsterdam by two Dutch architects. It was delivered to London by ship in 214 cases, and the parts of the statue were then re-assembled on the spot where it now stands.
Cricket is very popular in Britain and its former Commonwealth colonies. An early version was first played by courtiers in King Henry VIII 's time.
The biggest gold producers in the world are Canada (6 per cent), Russia (19.2 per cent) and South Africa (48.8 per cent). This mineral has been mined in these countries for centuries.
Crime and Punishment, one of Dostoyevsky's outstanding works, was written in 1865 and printed and distributed to the public in 1866. It tells the story of a man who had been driven to commit murder due to financial problems, similar to those that the writer was experiencing at the time.
Hindi and English are the principal languages of India, although fourteen languages are spoken in total all over the country. The majority of people, however, speak a dialect of their own, and well over a thousand such dialects are spoken in different parts of the country.
John Lennon was killed on December 8th, 1980 by Mark Chapman, just outside his New York flat where he lived with his wife, Yoko Ono, and his son, Sean.
It is calculated that an astonishing 150 million bicycles are sold in the world every year - four times the number of cars that are sold!
Until 1994, the final of the football World Cup - which is organised every four years  - was hosted alternately in Europe and South America. This tradition was changed in 1994, when the tournament was held for the first time in The United States. 2002 sees the first World Cup finals to take place in Asia, the competition being shared between Japan and South Korea.

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