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Sing and watch the video

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Used to to, to get used to, to be used to

1. USED TO DO ( Solía hacer)
Used to do something expresses something that we often did in the past, but don't do anymore. It is often used in the positive form to speak about repeated actions - something that was a habit, or a way of life. Generally, we use the form to contrast past habits with present situations.
I used to live in a small house but now I live in a big one.
What time did you use to get up when you were at university?
2. TO GET USED TO  (Acostumbrarse a)
Use these forms to express that a person is in the process of making something "normal". They are often used with the present continuous form.
He's getting used to working at night.
When used with the present perfect, these two forms can imply that something that was difficult in the past has become normal.
They've got used to going out on Friday evening.
3. TO BE USED TO  (Estar acostumbrado a)
This form indicates that a situation has become normal for a person.
Daniel is used to sleeping in a small bed.

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